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3 Medical Reasons You Failed Your Breathalyzer Test

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If you have been charged with a DUI based on a failed breathalyzer test, there may be a medical reason you failed your breathalyzer test. Here are a few medical reasons you and your attorney should explore in order to prove that your breathalyzer test was not accurate.

#1 Heartburn

Heartburn is very common condition which many Americans suffer from. Heartburn basically happens when a specific muscle, the lower esophageal sphincter, fails to work properly and allows acid from your stomach to make its way back up through your throat.

Heartburn can be triggered in many individuals by eating too much food or by eating specific foods. It can also be triggered by various other medical conditions, ranging from obesity to pregnancy.

Heartburn can mess up a breathalyzer due to the acid vapors that are produced by your stomach. These are natural vapors that your body produces when you experience heartburn; unfortunately, a breathalyzer can't tell the difference between naturally occurring acid vapors from your stomach and alcohol on your breath.

#2 Auto-Brewery Syndrome

A rarer medical condition that can cause you to fail your breathalyzer test is auto-brewery syndrome. Auto-brewery syndrome gets its name because it is caused by brewer's yeast, that is generally used to make beer. When too much of this yeast gets into your digestive system, it can actually cause your body to produce alcohol or ethanol. In essence, your stomach becomes its own little brewery, creating alcohol without you doing anything.

When one suffers from auto-brewery syndrome, they may actually even feel the side effects of being drunk, as their body is producing so much alcohol. This would, of course, cause you to fail a breathalyzer test.

#3 Dental Issues

Finally, dental issues can cause the police to think that you are intoxicated. A variety of different dental issues, such as periodontal disease, can cause you to have really bad smelling breath that could cause a police officer to think that you are drunk. Other dental issues, such as a poorly installed bridge in your mouth, could cause you to slur your speech, another indication that you may be drunk.

Additionally, if you used an alcohol-based mouthwash recently as well, that could cause you to fail your breathalyzer test and add to the complete picture that you are drunk.

If you think that you suffer from any of the above medical conditions, or a different medical condition, that could have affected the outcome of your breathalyzer test and results in you getting a false DUI, contact an attorney immediately so you can start building your defense. For more information, visit