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Are You In A Domestic Abuse Situation? Some Information You Should Find Helpful

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If you are in a domestic abuse situation you need to get out now. You likely know this is life threatening and the abuser can cause you serious harm. This is even true if they are currently verbally abusive. You never know if that will turn into physical abuse. Below is some information that you should find helpful so you can get out of this situation.

Find Help

You may be scared to leave the abuser. This may be because they have threatened you if you leave or if there are children involved they have threatened to take them. You also may not have any income so will be scared to be out on your own.

There are domestic abuse centers that can come to your home and get you. They will help you pack up your things and will likely have a police officer with them just in case your abuser tries to cause you harm.

You can contact the National Domestic Violence hotline number to get help and support. You should always contact the police and they can help you find domestic violence programs where there is specially-trained people that can protect you, as well as pick up you, and put you in a place where your abuser could not find you.

Suffer From Brain Injury

It is known that women in abusive situations can have more traumatic brain injuries than football players. A common type of brain injury in domestic violence is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (ECT). This can happen if your abuser has ever repetitively strike you on the head. Symptoms may show up for this medical problem months or even years later so you need to watch out for them. Some symptoms you may have are memory loss, depression, aggression, and over time it could lead to dementia. If you have any of these symptoms you need to see a doctor.

Sue the Abuser for Personal Injury

No matter what type of injuries you have received, you need to contact a personal injury attorney immediately. They can sue the abuser so you can get what you deserve. For example, your abuser would have to pay your medical and hospital, physical therapy, and physical therapist bills. You would also be awarded more money because these injuries may have reduced your quality of life, as well as for pain and suffering.  A personal injury attorney can help you win your case and get what you deserve.

Contact a personal injury attorney like John V. Boshardy & Associates, P.C. to learn much more about what they can do for you.