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Don't Challenge Summer Traffic Without A Camera Setup

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As the summer rolls around, the high demand of business mingles with the end of spring break, the beginning of summer vacation, the adventures of people looking to enjoy good weather and all of the traffic that comes from the season. Whether you're a semi truck driver or a personal car driver, it's important to protect your interests while on the road. Here are a few ways to make sure that you're legally secure during accidents abroad with the help of a dashcam, mobile devices, and legal professionals

How Do Dashcams Work?

Dashcams or dashboard cameras are not much different from the cameras inside mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, although they've been on the market for much longer.

These cameras use a fisheye lens to record a wide view to the front and slightly to the sides of the lens. You don't have to put the camera on the dash; cameras can be mounted in any direction, and some are affordable enough to cover the front, back, left, and right views of your vehicle for without spending more than one or two hundred dollars.

In addition to the view, dashcams include storage similar to the storage drives in computers and mobile devices. Modern technology has moved to solid state storage that has no moving parts and isn't as susceptible to impact the way that platter-based hard drives were, making the storage more sturdy and more likely to last through a crash. Some models are the same technology used for aircraft black boxes.

Making Dashcams Relevant In Legal Issues

If you're in a wreck, it can quickly become an issue of he said, she said. Witnesses can be used, and sometimes the vehicle damage will tell the story. Unfortunately, some situations can be vague or intentionally damaging to the wrong party.

In most situations, hitting the back of a car (rear-ending) is the fault of the rear car. What happens if someone backs into your vehicle, or brakes suddenly out of fear (or out of malice, such as brake checking)? The video from a dashcam can show the exact situation, which can lead to full innocence on your part or at least shared fault with the other driver.

Fraud is another problem that puts drivers in trouble. Some people run into cars to fake an accident, or put their vehicles in reverse to fake a rear-ending. Fake accidents have been caught on multiple dashcams, and it's important to consider how many faked accidents go unrecorded.

Having a dashcam is good, but you should keep legal defense on hand to finalize the legal issue. A lawyer can help point out the more vague situations and make sure your best interests are pushed forward, or if you feel like suing the other party, an auto accident attorney is necessary to understand what you may be entitled to.

Don't just hope to avoid accidents. Get a camera just in case, and keep an attorney on speed dial to make the camera cost more than worth it. Contact a law office like D Chadwick Calvert Law Office for more information and assistance.