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Do You Have A Personal Injury Case After Being Injured In A Fall At A Vacation Rental?

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If you decide to file a personal injury case against the owner of a vacation rental you've recently been injured in due to a slip or fall, a lawyer can help you determine how much your case is worth based on things like your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But is it worth hiring an attorney and filing a personal injury case in the first place? Here are a few signs that you've got a solid case and that you may be able to get compensation for your injuries:

Evidence of Neglect Can Be Proven

If you have some kind of evidence that the vacation rental has been neglected or that dangerous elements have not been eliminated, it may be worth filing a personal injury case against the owner so you can recover some compensation for your injuries and lost income due to those injuries.

If part of the carpet was torn and resulted in a trip that injured you, if the roof leaked and create slippery conditions inside, or if the lighting was poor and made it hard to see in a specific room of the home, you might have a personal injury case that's worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Your lawyer should be able to have the vacation home inspected for evidence of neglect to help prove your case.

The Owner Should Have Known of the Dangers

If neglect can be proven, you'll then need to prove that the vacation rental owner knew about the neglect beforehand and didn't take the steps necessary to keep you and other guests safe during your visit. Did other guests complain about unsafe conditions before you stayed at the vacation rental? Do the dangerous elements look as if they've been exposed for some time before you rented the place?

You may be able to find previous guest by finding online reviews of the vacation rental you stayed in. If any reviews point to neglect that ultimately resulted in your injuries, you may have the evidence you need to prove your case. If contact information such as an email address or Facebook page is available for previous guests who've left online reviews of the vacation rental, contact them directly to get personalized statements from them to further solidify your case.

You Weren't Warned About Potential Dangers

You also need to prove that you weren't warned about potential dangers before staying at the vacation rental. Were any warnings included in the rental agreement, or were notices left at the rental where potential dangers were present? Did you receive any email warnings of dangers or told about specific problems to avoid? If not, you should be able to prove that you were never warned about the potential dangers on the property before your stay.

You Have Proof of Your Injuries

If your injuries have resulted in bruises, broken bones, or scrapes and scratches, and if you've taken pictures of those injuries, you'll optimize your chances of winning a personal injury case against the vacation rental owner. The other party can't deny any visual proof that you present, and the judge will gain some personal insight into how the injuries you've sustained have affected your life overall.

If you haven't taken photos of the injuries yourself, you may be able to obtain visual evidence from your doctor if they took pictures. Otherwise, you can have your doctor, physical therapist, or anyone else you've professionally worked with to heal provide you with official statements that document the injuries they've treated you for.

If you think you have a personal injury case on your hands, schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer to determine how strong your case is and how much it's worth overall. Check out sites like if you need more information.