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Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident? What Things You Should Photograph Following The Accident

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Following a slip and fall accident, it is recommended that you take pictures of the scene where you slipped and fell. This is important as it helps to document the conditions exactly as they were when you slipped and fell. However, if you have never been in this situation before, you may be unsure of exactly what you should take photographs of. Here are a few of the things you should be sure to photograph after your slip and fall accident. 

What Caused You to Slip

First and foremost, always take the time to photograph what exactly it was that caused you to slip and fall. This may be a spill on the floor in a restaurant, a patch of ice outside a department store, an unmarked step-down or a number of other things. After you have slipped and fallen, the problem may get corrected. A spill may be cleaned up, or a patch of ice may melt. Taking photos helps to document the conditions exactly as they were when you fell. 

The Lighting Conditions

Another key element to photograph following a slip and fall accident is the lighting conditions. If the lighting was poor, it can cause you to miss posted signs about hazards or to not see obvious flaws that could have led to you slipping and falling. Taking photos helps you to prove how dark or light it was and why you couldn't see the potential hazard. 

A Photo Of Your Footwear

One of the most common defenses for slip and fall accidents is that you slipped because of the footwear you were wearing. As such, after slipping and falling, take pictures of the footwear that you were wearing. Be sure to photograph how much tread the footwear has, as this can be important. 

Any Surrounding Areas in Disrepair

The last thing you will want to do is photograph any areas that are near the area where you slipped and fell that are in disrepair. If you can show that there were several hazards in the area, it is easier to prove negligence or fault. Showing multiple hazards could have led to someone slipping and falling is important and can be documented by taking the right photos. 

Taking photographs of what caused you to slip, the lighting conditions when you slipped, a photo of your footwear and any areas in disrepair near where you slipped can all be used by a personal injury attorney to help you win any personal injury claim you may file following a slip and fall accident. 

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