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Not Signing A Speeding Ticket: What Happens?

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If you are late to your destination and choose to speed when you are driving, you are at risk of getting a speeding ticket. Once you are pulled over, different tricks you may have heard to get out of your ticket may cross your mind. One of those is to refuse to sign your ticket. Before you choose to go forward with this option, you need to think about what ramifications you could face. Here is some helpful information to consider before you choose not to sign your ticket:

The State Laws

One thing to keep in mind is that signing the ticket does not mean you are admitting guilt; it simply means that you are aware of your court date and that you agree to appear. In some states there is no requirement to sign tickets, while other states are very strict. If you are in a state that requires a signature, it is best to do so. Not signing can result in a second ticket or even an arrest. This means that you will have to remain in jail until your court date, which is not an ideal situation.

Whether or Not You Claim the Ticket

Another tactic some people try is to not sign a ticket and later claim they never received it. This is a bad idea for many reasons. First, your information has already been recorded by the officer, including the reason you were stopped, your license number, tag number, and registration information. You'd be hard-pressed to deny you got the ticket with this information on file.

Additionally, most officers are now equipped with dash and body cameras. Chances are, you will appear on camera when you receive the ticket.

Not Showing Up to Court

Some people also try to get out of paying a speeding ticket if the officer does not show up to court on the court date, assuming the ticket will be dismissed. Most states now do not require the police officer to be present in court on your court date unless you appeal the decision.

There are many methods people have tried over the years to get out of paying a speeding ticket. Your best option is to simply comply with the officer, sign your speeding ticket, and move on. If you do not believe you were speeding, you can very easily appear on your court date and fight the ticket. You may get it dismissed if you have sufficient proof. For more information about what to do if you receive a speeding ticket, you can contact traffic attorneys in your area.