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Why You Specifically Need A Truck Accident Lawyer

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If you've been in an accident involving a commercial truck, you may consider working with a general auto accident attorney. While he or she will likely be able to help you with your case, there are several reasons to specifically choose an attorney who has experience with truck accidents.

The Injuries are More Substantial

While a car accident can lead to devastating injuries, the injuries that result from a commercial truck are much larger. The commercial truck is a bigger vehicle than almost anything else on the road. Those who have been crushed by a commercial truck are more likely to have broken bones, organ damage, and brain damage.

Medical Bills are Higher

Because of the more severe injuries that can result, you'll be more likely to face much higher medical bills. You may need to undergo lifelong treatments and rehabilitation. Because this will be very expensive and will affect your ability to work, you will want to seek the greatest compensation possible with the help of a highly competent and experienced truck accident lawyer.

Truck Drivers Follow Different Regulations

Commercial truck drivers must follow different regulations than motorists driving passenger cars. For example, a long-distance truck driver must log all of his or her hours and must not drive over a federally mandated maximum hour.

If you can gain access to the driver's black box or driver logs, these records can be used to demonstrate the fault of the driver. A truck accident lawyer will be more likely to know the hundreds of regulations that truck drivers must follow. 

Commercial Insurance Tactics are Complex

Experienced truck accident lawyers will know the tactics that commercial driver insurance providers use to avoid compensating you fully. Because of the large settlements that insurance providers must often pay out for trucking accidents, their bottom line depends on reducing your settlement as much as possible by making low offers that are often absurd. In other cases, they may not offer a settlement at all. However, a truck accident lawyer can negotiate directly with the insurance provider on your behalf. 

The good news is that the commercial insurance policy carried by a commercial truck driver is often fifty times higher than the insurance policy of a typical motorist. When seeking compensation from a typical auto insurance policy, there may be a cap for how much they will pay out. This cap is much higher with commercial truck insurance policies and can potentially award you more money for damages.