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What Are Your Legal Rights To Compensation After A Motorcycle Crash? Find Out

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In a collision involving your motorcycle and a car, your injuries can be severe. Unlike a vehicle, a motorbike does not have enough protection to shield the rider against impact. Due to the magnitude of such an accident, it is advisable to take legal action against the negligent driver.  At that point, you'll need to consult a motorcycle accident attorney to guide you through the legal process. Additionally, the following information will help you through the complex journey of seeking compensation.

Legal Representation is Essential When Filing a Claim

The insurance company representatives may try to arm-twist you to accept their proposals if you are not well-versed with legal matters. They will sweet talk you into accepting their offer and discourage you from seeking the legal assistance of a lawyer. That is because motorcycle accident lawyers understand some gimmicks insurers use to deny victims their rightful compensation.

It would help if you did not negotiate with the insurance firm without a lawyer. Your legal advisor can calculate the full amount of compensation to cover all your damage. They will then defend you against any false accusations leveled against you to ensure that you don't lose any money you are entitled to receive. 

You Can Get Several Payments

The judge will determine the compensation to award you after evaluating your damages. You may receive payments for your medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Additionally, you can be awarded compensation for the agony and mental anguish you suffered from the crash. If the judge determines that the at-fault driver was negligent, they will ask them to pay punitive damages. Such a punishment is geared toward discouraging the wrongdoer from driving recklessly in the future.

You Might Get Compensation Even If You Were Partly at Fault

You are entitled to compensation even if you were partly at fault. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek compensation for your injuries and motorcycle wreckage, even if you contributed to the incident. Instead, ask your lawyer to file a claim for you within the stipulated period. Your attorney will oversee your compensation calculations to ensure that the insurance company or the court only deducts an amount equivalent to your fault percentage and offer you the payment that you rightfully deserve.

You may face several obstacles as you seek justice after a motorbike crash. The wrongdoer and their insurer might want to link you to the accident to deny you full compensation. A personal injury attorney can fight for you to protect your rights and help you to get justice.