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Hosting A College Graduation Party For Your Son Or Daughter? Use These 3 Tips To Protect Yourself Legally

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If you are hosting a college graduation party for your son or daughter, you may be proud and happy. In your excitement, you may not realize that as the host of the party, you may be legally responsible for any injuries and other things that happen during the party. It is important that you do everything possible to ensure that you protect yourself legally. Here are some of the things you can do.

Think Twice about Serving Alcohol

While many of the people attending the party will be over the legal drinking age, there is a good chance there will be some guests who are underage. As the party host, you will be responsible for those underage drinkers. Not only that, but should a drinking adult of legal age leave the party and drive drunk, you may also be held legally responsible for their condition. To avoid these problems, seriously consider not serving alcohol at all during the party.

Complete Needed Repairs

If you have home improvement projects to finish up, such as replacing slats in your wood deck, or rewiring a lighting fixture, make sure that the projects are done before the day of the party. Should anyone have an accident and become hurt in your home, as the property owner you may be held responsible for their injuries. If you are unable to complete necessary home improvements in time for the party, post signs that clearly state that the area is not safe for guests, and steer them toward a more suitable location. You may even wish to rope off certain areas so that people know that they are not to go there.

Have the Party Outside of Your Home

You may think you're making things easier for yourself by simply having a party at a venue that is not your personal home. However, doing so may not absolve you of all responsibilities you have as the host. In fact, many party venue agreements require that you sign paperwork that prevents them from being held responsible for some injuries. Be sure you read the agreement fully so that if something happens, there are no surprises.

Use the information in this article to help you do everything you can to protect yourself legally while hosting a college graduation party. Talk to a local personal injury lawyer such as Pressé Mason Barristers to find out even more ways to make sure that everyone can enjoy themselves safely and without problems.