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Whodunit Personal Injury Edition: Who to Sue When You Fall While Jogging

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During a leisurely jog, your biggest trouble may be clearing your mind and finding a place to grab water when you get thirsty. One of the things that you don't plan to do is have a fall that causes you to become injured. If an injury does happen when you are on your usual route, this can be a big problem, namely with neglect of the property. After you fall and you notice that you are hurt, you will be concerned about going to the clinic to take care of your wound. The next thing that you should do is figure out who is responsible for your injuries. 

Figure out if the property was the cities or private

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if the property where you incurred your injury was private or city property. Often sidewalks that are in front of people's homes, but not in their yards belong to the city. Some sidewalks are owned and maintained by the homeowner, in the event that the government did not create the sidewalk or does not own any of the land or streets. In order to determine who owns the sidewalk, you should get a copy of the property lines from the city. 

Determine out what you tripped over

Even if you were on public property, if you fell over something that a person left on the sidewalk as a hazard, this is the person that you will need to go after for your injury. If the sidewalk does belong to the city, but you fall due to the homeowner not maintaining their yard and allowing overgrowth of branches and weeds to cause you to trip, this is the fault of the homeowner. Allow your personal injury attorney the chance to go over the facts of the case so that the litigant is the appropriate party who is responsible for the case. 

Seek the person who obscured the space

At times, trips and falls are the fault of someone who obscured the sidewalk. This includes people who may have blocked the walkway or blocked the ability to see the actual sidewalk for walkers and joggers to determine where they are going. If you tripped because you couldn't see more than several paces in front of you, at a time, you may be able to go after the person who obscured the sidewalk.

Determine why you feel and if it was due to the obscured walkway, determine who blocked the space before preparing your personal injury attorney. Learn more by contacting services such as Spooner & Perkins P.C. Attorneys at Law.