Getting Injury Compensation from Your Landlord

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Important Documentation To Provide To Your Personal Injury Attorney

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If you recently suffered from a slip and fall accident that left you with medical issues to tend to, you likely want compensation from the owner of the location where the incident took place. In order to prove the accident was the fault of another, a court appearance is usually necessary. The documentation you provide to your personal injury attorney helps you with the proving of fault. Here are important documents to have readily available for your attorney to help your case.

Photographs Or Videos Of The Location

After your incident happens, it is wise to take photographs and videos of the surroundings where the accident had taken place. Make sure to capture footage from many different angles, as they are likely to showcase the reason you had become injured. Make sure all footage taken includes a date and time stamp as proof that the location was not properly maintained at the time you became injured. The company may try to remedy the maintenance after your incident takes place in the hope that the incorrect actions or lack of actions are not divulged.

Witness Identification And Medical Information

Anyone present at the time of the incident can be helpful in a court situation. They may have seen the entire accident, including the reasoning for its occurrence. Gather names and numbers of any potential witnesses to pass on to your attorney.

When you receive medical assistance, get written verification from all nurses, doctors, and helpers about the injury in detail. The injury you sustain may be analyzed to determine whether it was definitely caused by inadequate maintenance of flooring, steps, or outdoor walking and driving areas. Keep all documentation provided to you by your medical practitioner as you heal.

Records Pertaining To The Location's Upkeep

Your attorney may request that the owner of the incident location provide information about the maintenance tasks conducted to prove they were not handled properly. This is not your responsibility to attain, however, there are a few tactics you can take to help prove the tasks were not undertaken as they should have been. If there were other people in the vicinity of the incident when it took place, ask each one to write down their synopsis of the area in case this information is needed in court. Obtain phone numbers and names of these people as well. Online reviews of the company may also provide you with information about maintenance.

Reach out to a personal injury attorney near you to learn more.